D-Day beaches
Gold Beach


the route to Bayeux is open

(07:30 am, between Ver-sur-Mer and Asnelles)

The 25,000 British who landed there had to capture Bayeux and be in control of the highway N13, then carry on westward to effect the junction with the Americans and eastward with the Canadians.

Already afflicted by seasickness, the men were informed that they would not get the preliminary support from the amphibious tanks. The too heavy swell would indeed make them sink instantly if they were launched from the open sea. The monsters of steel were brought on the beach at the same time as the soldiers. The skilful pilots were meandering their way through the beach obstacles in order to drop the infantrymen as close as possible to the shore.

The advance was unequal depending on the places, because of the beach strewn with obstacles or on the grounds of the coastal defences that slowed down the British. After those difficulties, they set out for Bayeux and they freed it barely 24 hours later.


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