Normandy American cemetery


Overlooking Omaha Beach, the American cemetery located at Colleville-sur-Mer covers an area of 170 acres (70 hectares). These lands were offered the United States by France so that 9,387 men and women fallen in Normandy could rest on American soil. 149 of them, of Jewish denomination, were buried under a Star-of-David shaped stela, wheras the cross was adopted for all the others. 4 women and 307 unknown are numbered. Perfectly lined up, the graves of white marble stand out against the lawn carefully upkept. A tribute is also paid to the 1,557 men whose remains have never been found at the conclusion of the Normandy campaign. Their names appear on the Wall of the Missing.

Photo: Matthieu Blin - 12.6 kb

Photo: Matthieu Blin


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