D-Day beaches
Sword Beach


some Frenchmen wearing the British uniform !?

(07:30 am, between Lion-sur-Mer and Ouistrehan)

The British troops were commissioned to effect the junction in the east with the British Airbone Division that had been controlling the bridges since the middle of the night, and to advance on Caen. On the other side, the men had to link up with Juno in the west. Among the 28,800 infantrymen, 177 Frenchmen came ashore at Colleville-sur-Orne (nowadays Colleville-Montgomery) under Philippe Kieffer’s command ; they were nicknamed the “Green Berets”. They has to capture the Ouistréham “casino”, turned into a defence work by the Germans. Attached to the British commandos, they belonged to the only French unit engaged in the land operations on D-Day.


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